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Random Story

Post by Kasey on 2008-06-11, 07:54

Dunno where Im gonna go with this, but just wrote it.

His eyes flickered open. He lay for a moment and stared up at the ceiling. Stirring, he rolled out of the bed, and stood. He stomped over to the door, pulled it open, and stomped down the corridor and into the kitchen, eyes heavy with tiredness. He yanked open a cupboard, and pulled out a box of cereal, reaching dimly for a bowl he poured the cereal into the it. He put the box down and reached for the milk, his elbow slammed inadvertently into the cereal box, sending it flying off the work surface, and onto the floor, spraying cornflakes everywhere.

“Ah fucks sake,” he muttered angrily, moving to sweep it up, then decided against it. Shit happens. He flicked the kettle on and walked across to the small table, bare feet crunching on Nestlé’s finest.

Five minutes later, breakfast finished, he stomped back to the bedroom. The coffee having done nothing for his exhaustion or mood. Yanking open the wardrobe, he pulled out a pair of black trousers, a white shirt, and a jacket. He pulled the trousers on over his boxers, then worked on doing up the fiddly buttons with his tired fingers. Moving to a chest-of-drawers, he searched around for a tie and some socks, after a few moments he chanced on a pair of unworn socks, and groaned. Dancing Reindeers adorned what was a truly hideous item of clothing, ah well. He pushed them on his feet, and did up the plain blue tie he’d found.

Finally attired correctly, he padded once again down the corridor, and into a small bathroom. He grabbed a toothbrush, and scrubbed hard for all of five seconds. He had bigger worries than dental hygiene. He threw the toothbrush down, and left the bathroom. Back in the corridor he grabbed his keys, wallet and pistol from a side table. He pushed his feet into a pair of black leather loafers, yanked the door open, and clattered down the stairs and out into the car park. He walked briskly over to his Black VW Golf, and climbed in. Reversing sharply, he turned the car ninety degrees, and headed for the exit. He opened the glove box and rooted around for the shutter remote. Finding it, he hit the button, and the door shuddered, and rolled upwards. He blinked in the sudden harsh sunlight, and pushed on a pair of darkened aviator sunglasses.


The Volkswagen rolled into the Motorway service station, and stopped outside the main building. Nobody climbed out. Inside the driver was fiddling with the computer screen in the dashboard, it found his phone through bluetooth, and bleeped twice. A metallic female voice rang out, with a German twang,

“You have Two Missed Calls” it squawked. The driver hit a button to see them, and then hit re-dial. It only had time to ring once,

“Coin?” a male voice said at the other end

“Yes.” The man called Coin replied, “What did you call about?”

“We have a job for you, get here ASAP”

Coin didn’t reply. He hung up and revved the engine, speeding out of the service station, and back onto the endless motorway.
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Re: Random Story

Post by RedAkbar on 2008-06-11, 08:09

Looks promising. Codename Coin!

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