The Greek Wars

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Re: The Greek Wars

Post by Kasey on 2008-09-01, 11:20

Pylades, Lysander and their escort of 30 Royal Guardsmen rode out of the main city gates of Corinth. Although this was a Conference of Allies, they rode in full war gear, helmets gleamed in the early morning sun, and their spears and shields were polished to perfection, even the horsehair plumes on their helmets were brushed straight, not a hair out of place. They looked magnificent, Lords of War, Vanquishers of the Megarans, riding off in the red morning to plot their foes doom. All, that is, but the 33rd man. Unlike the others, he carried no spear or shield, his head was bare of a war helmet and instead of a cuirass he wore a dirty and dishevelled tunic. It was Arrichion. Nicodemus had sent him to see what diplomats could never see. He made an odd sight, bumping along on his borrowed mare, between the two magnificent looking warriors. Pylades and Lysander rode with their backs perfectly straight, whilst Arrichion rode with all the grace of a sack of mud, mocking the fine art of horsemanship with his graceless posture.

He was in an altogether awful mood. All the riding wasn't doing his hangover a bit of good. By Zeus! Couldn't Nicodemus have told him of this mission before he went out for a night of imitating the great Dionysus? Two of Nicodemus' guards had interrupted his...entertainment, in the Salty Trident, his favourite brothel. The two highly amused Guards had kicked down the bedroom door, and, grinning at the naked wh0re, dragged Arrichion out of the room, and into the kitchens, where they had helpfully tried to sober him up by drenching him in dirty water. The dripping, half-drunk, and highly irritated Arrichion was then taken along to the Palace where Nicodemus had taken up residence. He had been briefed, given an hour or so of rest, then shoved on a horse, and waved a cheery goodbye by a wryly amused Nicodemus.
So he was now riding with armoured horsemen and Corinth at his back, and the road to Argos snaking out in front of him.
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